Окончание разработки Mask Surf Pro

Разработка Mask Surf Pro прекращена. Мы продолжим предоставлять технические обновления и продавать лмцензии для тех, кому они нужны. Но если вы планируете покупку новой лицензии – рассмотрите возможность выбрать Mask Surf Ultimate или Mask Surf Everything.

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Mask Surf by ThankSoft is a must have in any PC. Masks your IP effectively and ensures complete privacy; it's a dream come true for many internet surfers who do not want to get tracked without their knowledge. Also prevents many attempts on your system security, as the masked IP provides a "fake" doorway for the intruder to even try. Complete identity security and anonymity is ensured with this product! Thank you ThankSoft!



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