Mask Surf 3.4 released

Mask Surf 3.4 released.

  • Added Windows 8 support.
  • Fixed on exit error.

Mask Surf 3.3 released

Mask Surf 3.3 released.

  • Fixed “connection to Tor” error.

Mask Surf 3.2 released

Mask Surf 3.2 released.

  • Added support for Opera browser.
  • Fixed Firefox anonymization.
  • Added German and French languages.

Mask Surf 3.1 released

Mask Surf 3.1 released.
Some bugs fixed. Added Spanish and Arabic languages.

Mask Surf 3 released!

What’s new in Mask Surf Pro 3.
A fully redesigned interface.
Optimized algorithms.
Added a possibility to select several countries.
Added a possibility to set a relay or bridge.
Added a Tor log for ease of troubleshooting.


IT is AMAZING software though. Everything seems to work.
The interface is VERY user friendly.
Even on my Windows XP 64x Edition nothing goes wrong.
What I like most is the ability to change it. VERY nice for keeping anonymous messages on sites like Xanga actually anonymous.



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